Diane Félix

Corporate Paralegal, Legal & Compliance

Professional life

Uniting the best of both worlds, Diane not only has an incredible knowledge of legal matters, but also great empathy for others, which makes her an unparalleled asset to the team.

Meet Diane, our Corporate Paralegal in La Prairie’s legal and compliance department. She is one of the key contacts in legal matters and supports her colleagues in word and deed on a daily basis, enabling them to focus on their main tasks. 

I take my work very seriously, as professional expertise, integrity, and a complete mastery of the subject matter are essential in the legal field. Others rely on me to help manage their legal tasks without anything falling through the cracks. This drives me to strive for quality and excellence every day. But values like mutual respect, kindness, and trust are just as important to me. La Prairie’s trust in my work encourages me to pursue professional growth and be bold in my actions.



As a paralegal, Diane acts as a liaison between the legal and compliance team and other departments within La Prairie, upholding La Prairie’s high standards of professionalism in sensitive legal matters.
In her daily work, she supports various departments and affiliates with setting up contracts. She coordinates the notarization of documents with external notaries in Switzerland, initiates registration and changes of signatories in the public commercial register of all headquarter companies and administers the corporate changes of our HQ companies and affiliates. Furthermore, she is responsible for contract management within the legal and compliance team and supports it in several other topics such as intellectual property and corporate governance. 
In addition to her role at La Prairie, Diane successfully completed her master’s degree in management and law at the Zürich University of Applied Sciences.





With her legal know-how and passion for detail, Diane provides an indispensable contribution to her team daily. Whether working with notaries, our affiliates, the various departments, or other internal stakeholders, Diane is in daily interaction with other people and especially values this aspect of her work – but most of all, she values the spirit of togetherness within her team, to which she contributes to no small measure. Working in the legal field requires the utmost care and accuracy. This makes it even more important to be able to rely on teammates and vice versa. She approaches both her tasks and her colleagues with a truly caring demeanour. To her, lending a helping hand and learning from each other is what can make a team truly successful.
Her thirst for knowledge, her ambitious personality, and this caring nature make Diane an exciting addition to the team that lives and defines La Prairie's values.

"Music has always been a big part of my life since I grew up singing extensively and getting on my family’s nerves because of it and I still do so today. I enjoy listening to several genres and dancing to all the different rhythms I listen to."



Exhausting workouts help Diane free her mind and find a healthy balance in her life. She loves to dance and sing whenever she has the chance and spends lots of time with friends, who benefit not only from her caring personality, but also from her great cooking skills. 

One of Diane’s biggest passions is fitness – indoors or outdoors. By pushing herself to her own limits she can free her mind and feel good. The accomplishment that comes with tough exercise brings her a sense of well-being.



In her free time, you can find Diane on a racetrack or on the Vita Parcours. A good work out is part of her daily schedule as she values a healthy lifestyle. This of course also includes a rich meal. When not working out, Diane can be found in her kitchen either cooking, singing, or dancing – or all at once. And whatever she cooks she loves to share with friends at her table.


As well as music and fitness, Diane is a passionate cook. The attention to detail that she displays in the office also shines through in her kitchen. She loves to create a whole menu out of carefully selected ingredients and enjoy a delicious meal together with her loved ones. In her view, good food brings people together, creates good mood and reflects care for others.


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