Elevating luxury skincare through embracing Diversity and Inclusion

The luxury sector, by its very nature, has traditionally been associated with exclusivity and privilege. That’s why it is essential to break free from tour industry’s legacy and embrace diversity. At La Prairie, we celebrate individual beauty – in our clients and in our employees.

In the world of luxury skincare, where elegance, innovation, and excellence reign supreme, diversity and inclusion strategies must be determinedly adopted to reflect the diverse and ever-evolving society we live in. At La Prairie, we are committed to cultivating a workplace where diversity and inclusion thrive. Diversity is far more than skin deep. We believe that it provides invaluable perspective and strength to deliver our company’s vision. We actively seek out and embrace a rich tapestry of cultures, backgrounds, abilities, and experiences within our workforce. Diversity enriches our own values – care, entrepreneurship, excellence, and passion and helps to drive our brand and company forward.





At the heart of La Prairie’s diversity and inclusion strategy is our shared passion. While our employees come from various backgrounds and experiences, they are all united by their unwavering dedication to our clients and the world of luxury skincare. It is what drives us to create exceptional products and experiences. Regardless of where our employees come from, it is their passion that connects and unites them. 

We uphold this standard through eight D&I commitments: 

  1. Reject discrimination and prejudice in all its forms. 
  2. Commit to the freedom of expression for all employees.
  3. Promote fair and equal treatment of every individual. 
  4. Provide a safe and secure work environment. 
  5. Celebrate the diversity of our people, their talents, and ideas. 
  6. Believe that a diverse and inclusive culture drives superior performance. 
  7. Promote equal job opportunities and career development for all. 
  8. Expect our managers to lead by example. 

As the luxury skincare industry evolves, so must our approach to diversity and inclusion. By embracing diversity and fostering an inclusive work environment, we celebrate the beauty of individuality while simultaneously advancing our brand. 

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is not just a strategy; it's a reflection of our dedication to crafting a more beautiful and inclusive world for all. In this unity, we find the strength to innovate, inspire, and redefine the future of luxury skincare.