How innovations in packaging and eco-design are reducing carbon impact at La Prairie

At La Prairie, we are committed to creating a sustainable future through eco-design and sustainable packaging. Eco-design means following sustainable principles, guidelines and best practices which minimise our impact on nature and people, while continuing to provide a unique luxury experience.


We want to ensure that 100% of our products follow eco-design guidelines by 2030. Our packaging guidelines equip our creative teams to design for sustainability, supporting them to focus first and foremost on reducing the size and weight of our packaging and minimising the number of layers used. Next steps are to incorporate recycled content, ensure recyclability of each product, and enable reuse through efficient refillable designs. We are also working to responsibly source, produce and transport our materials and products to reduce our use of virgin raw materials and our carbon footprint.

As an example, we recently launched new packaging for our Skin Caviar Luxe Cream. Our new secondary packaging weighs 50% less and uses 50% less material. The design also avoids the use of metals and paper elements that are fused with other materials, like plastics, to maximize the recyclability of our new packaging. Our new primary packaging is 15% lighter and now uses 30% recycled content glass. Furthermore, we are piloting takeback recycling programs in select locations globally to promote in-store recycling initiatives, enabling our clients to return their empty cosmetic containers to be recycled.

Transforming packaging takes time, and new innovations can take years to reach clients. However, we are actively working behind the scenes to achieve these commitments. Previous improvements included the launch of our Pure Gold Radiance collection with replenishable vessels and the use of FSC certified or recycled paper products in all outer packaging.

At La Prairie, sustainability and luxury go hand in hand. We are committed to creating a sustainable future without compromising on the luxurious experience of our clients. We understand the importance of reducing our impact on the environment and are taking steps to contribute and fully commit to our “Making Tomorrow Beautiful, Today” strategy.