Guillaume Bedu

Global Education Senior Director

Professional Life

Through his ability to motivate others, Guillaume enables La Prairie’s employees to constantly grow, learn and be the best version of themselves. 
Meet Guillaume, our Global Education Senior Director. Through his guidance, our employees around the world thrive and develop in their areas, learn new and valuable ways of work, and know how to innovate their daily work.

“I enjoy interacting with my team and with the markets a lot. Everyone has a great spirit, and it is such a pleasure to work with them all. As the education team, we want to function as a motivation motor for our front-line teams providing them with what they need to create their own individual drive and passion as La Prairie employees.”


Guillaume’s workday is filled with dynamic interactions across our diverse markets and in our headquarters. He collaborates with teams, identifying their unique needs and refining tools to bolster their performance. As the Global Education Senior Director, he guides a team proficient in various specialized domains such as brand expertise, sales finesse, innovation strategies, and digital learning. In this international environment, Guillaume crafts and delivers comprehensive training programs, equipping our teams with the knowledge and tools they require. His day involves strategic planning sessions, curating educational resources, and liaising with market leaders to align initiatives with evolving market landscapes. Guillaume strives to foster excellence and empowerment throughout our global network, each day a step forward in enriching our teams’ capabilities and achievements.


What Guillaume enjoys most is the vibrant synergy with his team and La Prairie’s diverse markets. The spirited camaraderie fuels collective motivation which is essential for inspiring our front-line teams. Education embodies positivity — Guillaume’s team imparts knowledge, devises solutions, and covers a spectrum of subjects from brand expertise and sales techniques to cutting-edge innovations and digital learning, all while addressing client management and expectations. In this dynamic international environment, Guillaume finds immense joy and fulfilment. He feels privileged and grateful to work alongside energized and professional individuals and to draw inspiration from colleagues in the markets. The unwavering commitment of the front-line teams further deepens his dedication to providing them with the best support and tools.

"In my life, curiosity and action intertwine to shape a vibrant tapestry. Education serves as my compass, while travel, sports, and the art of calligraphy add depth to my life. They're not just hobbies but avenues for continuous discovery and personal growth, just like each stroke of a calligraphy brush that contributes to the intricate canvas of my life, constantly driving me to learn new things."


Guillaume’s personal interests revolve around continuous learning and staying active. His work in education mirrors his passion for exploration and discovery. 
He is particularly drawn to motivational speakers who inspire and captivate audiences. His role at La Prairie has also taken him to diverse locations, from Saudi Arabia to Jeju Island in South Korea, where he could explore and appreciate new cultures.

Since his childhood, Guillaume has maintained an active lifestyle, enjoying various sports like swimming, stand-up paddling, yoga, spinning, bootcamps, hiking, pilates, and skiing. He believes in the importance of physical and mental well-being. Zurich, his current residence, provides ample possibilities for pursuing his athletic interests. He also holds an admiration for motivational speakers, those rare individuals who stir deep emotions and command undivided attention, that fuels a quest for inspiration which he uses in both his professional and personal life.

Guillaume’s diverse interests extend beyond sports. He finds unique beauty in the nuanced expressions of language through the art of writing. His renewed interest in calligraphy is not just a hobby to him; it symbolizes his deep appreciation for the eloquence and grace inherent in linguistic artistry. Embracing this pursuit requires not only passion but also dedication — traits he applies to both his professional endeavours and personal interests. His aspiration to delve deeper into this artistic realm reflects his commitment to continuous learning and mastery in diverse fields.


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