Jarmo Willemse

Business Development Manager Travel Retail 

Professional life

Jarmo brings a unique perspective and outlook to work every day, driving his team to be their best versions and changing his hats multiple times a day – a true La Prairie all-rounder.  

Meet Jarmo, our dynamic Business Development Manager specializing in Travel Retail. Known for his versatility and adaptability, he thrives in a role that allows him to dive into various projects and topics within and beyond his core responsibilities.

Every workday feels like being a jack of all trades for me. I dive into a mix of tasks, each one different from the next. What I love is the variety — I get to work on various things and collaborate closely with my team. Their energy and insights fuel me to learn something new every day and to improve my work.


Jarmo’s workday is a dynamic blend of versatility and constant engagement. From collaborating with internal teams to drive retail to liaising with external partners for business expansion, Jarmo seamlessly transitions between roles and thrives in his job’s diverse nature. Jarmo's workday is a mix of activities that demand a variety of skills. He starts by analysing market trends, then dives into planning and talking with different people - both inside and outside the company. He is a pro at adapting quickly, thinking ahead for opportunities, and understanding what clients want. He is always busy, using his skills to find innovative solutions make smart business decisions, and make sure stakeholders feel heard and understood. Each part of his day adds a different piece to the puzzle, where being flexible, working together, and making smart plans are key.



 Jarmo believes in the power of collective effort to drive impactful outcomes. He sees collaboration as more than a necessity – for him, it is the heartbeat of successful endeavours. In team settings, he actively cultivates an inclusive atmosphere, where every voice is heard, and diverse perspectives are embraced. Jarmo values the richness that different viewpoints bring, as it is often within this setting that true innovation flourishes. For Jarmo, effective teamwork is not solely about achieving tasks; it’s about nurturing a collaborative spirit that propels the team towards excellence while fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie among colleagues.

“I believe in laughter as the centre each day — whether it's bantering with friends over football or embracing the joy that sports brings. Life's about relishing these moments, from the vibrant cheers at a bar to the exhilarating rush down snowy slopes. For me, fun isn't just a pastime; it's the essence of a life well-lived.”


Jarmo approaches life with a playful demeanour, aiming to extract laughter and light heartedness from every situation. 
His passion lies in embracing life's joy and laughter. Sports also play a significant role, with tennis, padel, and skiing in the mountains bringing him immense joy and relaxation.



In his free time, Jarmo enjoys the company of friends, often meeting them at his local Irish pub in Zurich to watch football, share laughs, and trade jokes. Sports hold a significant place in his life, with tennis and padel becoming recent favourites. During the winter, he heads to the mountains for skiing and enjoys the snowy slopes. Whether it is skiing down powdery trails or relishing the summer ambiance, the mountains serve as his haven here in Switzerland. Jarmo’s leisure activities revolve around a blend of camaraderie with friends and the invigorating thrill of various sports, creating a perfect balance of enjoyment and relaxation in his life.



Jarmo’s passion is simply to savour every moment and infuse joy into everything he does. For him, cracking a joke or wearing a smile is his second nature, a philosophy that guides his outlook on life. Rarely serious, he believes that embracing humour is the key to navigating life’s complexities. His motto echoes that sentiment: “Here for a good time, not a long time!” Jarmo finds inspiration in David Brent’s words from ‘The Office’, identifying with the idea of being a friend first, a leader second, and, perhaps, an entertainer third — a philosophy that he seamlessly integrates into his approach at work.


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