La Prairie Establishes Advisory Council to Guide Sustainability Journey


Sustainability is an essential element of who we are at La Prairie, one that tests our commitment to progress and innovation. We know that bold and brilliant individuals are needed to challenge the status quo – ensuring that our products and practices embed sustainability in a way that goes beyond our obligations today. That is why we have established an external Sustainability Advisory Council. 

Sustainability Advisory Council
From left to right: Tracy Sutton, Dominique Simard, Isaac Elizondo Garcia, Diana Verde Nieto, Livia Kalossaka, and Andrea Alvares.

The Council advises our board directly, with six external members – chosen for their expertise, curiosity, and innovative mindsets whilst sharing our values of excellence, care, passion, and entrepreneurship. The Council is expected to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, subject-matter expertise, and critical thinking with La Prairie to guide us on our sustainability journey.  

The Council will ensure that we remain aligned with our sustainability ambitions while continuing to deliver excellence for our clients and innovating for the future. The inaugural meeting took place in July 2023 and brought together: 

  • Andrea Alvares – Founder: Camomila, Regenerative systems expert 
  • Diana Verde Nieto – Co-Founder: Positive Luxury, Sustainability and innovation expert  
  • Dominique Simard – Founder: ReThink Fashion, Sustainable fashion expert 
  • Isaac Elizondo Garcia – Sustainability and energy consultant: IRENA, Critical materials expert 
  • Livia Kalossaka – Deep Tech Venture manager: HEC, Youth empowerment expert 
  • Tracy Sutton – Founder: Root, Packaging expert 

We are excited that the new Advisory Council shares our values and commitment as we strive to embed sustainability into our business. Sustainability is not a short-term endeavour, at La Prairie, it is our desire to make tomorrow more beautiful which is why it was so important to us to include youth representation on our Council. Our continued dedication to bold thinking will lay the foundation for a more beautiful tomorrow.