La Prairie Tomorrow Ambassadors advocate for sustainability

Our La Prairie Tomorrow Ambassadors are a network of passionate advocates for sustainability who aim to inspire and empower us to ‘Make Tomorrow Beautiful, Today’.  

LP Tomorrow Ambassadors

Early in 2022, La Prairie formalized its program to engage employees on the topic of sustainability, with representatives from across the globe. Tomorrow Ambassadors were nominated to represent the regions where we operate and various functions throughout the company – from finance to marketing to supply chain. This unique and diverse group of advocates are a uniting force for La Prairie that has shaped – and will continue to shape – how our teams think about sustainability. 

Tomorrow Ambassadors develop and implement regional sustainability initiatives to support La Prairie’s global sustainability targets.  Since the network started, they have educated our teams through workshops, inspired behavior change through competitions, reduced our carbon emissions through initiatives like the use of e-vehicles and batching shipments, cleaned up beaches in our local communities, piloted take-back recycling programs, and more. And, most importantly, they exchange what they’ve learned with each other so that successful pilots can be expanded and scaled. 

The willingness of our Tomorrow Ambassadors to try new ideas, engage with teammates, and share knowledge is truly inspiring. With each new year, our Tomorrow Ambassadors build further on La Prairie’s ambition to transform luxury for the future, continually inspiring us to make tomorrow beautiful.