Mirja Farronato

Global Group Brand Manager

Professional life

With an eye for detail and a passion for creating meaningful products and experiences, Mirja ensures that every interaction with our potential future and existing clients is thoughtful and impactful.

Meet Mirja, our Global Group Brand Manager at La Prairie and responsible for the brand development of our highly coveted Caviar Collections. As the lead for our Skin Caviar, White Caviar, and Skin Caviar Complexion lines, Mirja manages everything from analysing the performance of our current collections to identifying gaps in our portfolio and spotting opportunities for new and innovative products.

“I feel incredibly fortunate to be part of such a dynamic and innovative team at La Prairie. My work in brand development for our Caviar Collections allows me to combine my curiosity of science with my passion for building brands and creating exceptional product experiences. But what really makes my job so rewarding is the opportunity to work with a diverse group of individuals who inspire me every day. It's a privilege to be part of such a collaborative and supportive team.”



As a brand development lead, Mirja interacts with a wide range of stakeholders, including formulators, scientists, and marketing teams. She spends a significant portion of her time to ensure our product collections are strategically and correctly positioned within the market. This involves extensive research and collaboration with the team to understand the dynamics of the markets and the needs and preferences of the target audience. Once opportunities have been identified, Mirja works closely with the formulators and product development team to create new and innovative products that meet those needs.

Mirja's love for product development is evident in her work, as she revels in the opportunity to crack the concept behind a new product innovation or evaluate textures in the lab with our formulators. However, what truly sets Mirja apart is her strategic mindset and ability to get skin-deep into the behaviour of our target audience. Her insightful analysis helps us to understand what resonates with our clients and how we can successfully reach them.





Despite her busy schedule, Mirja remains committed to spending time with her team. As a humble and down-to-earth leader, she recognizes the importance of working with and empowering a diverse group of young individuals who bring expertise and fresh perspectives to every project. Mirja's expertise, warmth, and serenity make her an invaluable member of our team. We feel fortunate to have her on board, and we look forward to seeing what new and innovative products she will develop in the future.

"My family is the most important thing in my life. Spending quality time with my husband and our son brings me a sense of joy and fulfilment that I cannot find anywhere else. They are my foundation, my support, and my motivation to be the best version of myself every day, which I am able to translate to other areas, such as work or private passions."



Family life is the core of Mirja’s world. She loves spending time with her husband and son in nature or in the city, where she finds inspiration for her work every day.

Mirja enjoys her life to the fullest in all regards. Her biggest enjoyments include spending time with her son, her husband, and their beloved Rhodesian ridgeback dog. Weekends and free time spent with them, along with family and friends, bring her the most happiness.



Mirja has a love for nature, and her family lives next to a beautiful forest that she enjoys exploring with her loved ones. However, she also appreciates the excitement of city life and believes that finding a good balance between both is the best way to live. One of her favourite types of holidays includes a wild safari adventure, but she also cannot resist a trip to the beach, as she loves the ocean.
Mirja has a discerning palate for exquisite experiences and exceptionally crafted products that are not just gimmicky but are genuinely meaningful and value-adding. She enjoys keeping up with what moves people and social trends, and being quite passionate about coffee, she is always in the know about the latest coffee shops and their offerings.


Her young family is her biggest passion. She believes a balanced family life is the powerful link that allows her to create exceptional experiences and products that are relevant and meaningful to our clients at La Prairie. She draws inspiration from the calmness of Swiss nature, as well as from vivid city life and travels. Mirja seizes everything life has to offer.


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