rui curveira

Senior Global Technical Development and Construction Manager

Professional life

Creativity is essential for Rui’s self-realisation and his career. 
Rui is a real personality who draws inspiration from the most diverse details of everyday life to create a world full of wonder. Rui works in the Global Store Design team, creating destinations for La Prairie's customers to discover and experience our unique products. The point of contact is a very special one, because it creates the relationship and connection between the product and client. Of course, this is also about relationships that surprise, stimulate, and make people want to try them out. To reach this magic point, Rui helps to build stories around the product, staging it in an unexpected and evocative way.

It is important not only to surprise and delight, but also to tell your story in a compelling yet subtle way so that we can create a connection with each individual. So, it requires exquisite designs presented flawlessly, mixed with novelties, that hopefully inspire clients to discover more about us and our products.



As Senior Global Technical Development and Construction Manager, Rui is responsible for the construction, implementation, and flawless execution of our La Prairie stores around the world. He constantly pushes the envelope to create new things and leaves the world a little bit different than it was before. He enjoys being able to freely express his opinion and being part of a collaborative and supporting team. Rui's daily work is dynamic and varied. It ranges from desk-based work, conducting research, or analysing and drawing up construction plans. He also meets with business partners from different sectors and visits factories and boutiques around the world, to check on construction quality, prototyping of new concepts or team training measures.





Rui loves to be inspired by different cultural backgrounds. In his work, he has the opportunity to pursue this passion and execute his role in a global environment. He exchanges ideas with colleagues and partners around the world on a weekly basis. He is surrounded by talented colleagues and designers from whom he can constantly draw ideas and learn. With team members from four different corners of the world, his colleagues are very tolerant, careful, and mindful with each other. No one is too shy to lend a hand when needed.  All these ingredients are the special formula for a well-functioning cooperation to successfully overcome all obstacles.

"Everything I do in my free time, I do with full commitment and pure passion. Be it sports, cooking or spending time with my loved ones. It gives me the greatest pleasure to put all my effort into everything I do."



Exploration is not only part of Rui’s work life but also the source of his inspiration. With a lot of curiosity and enthusiasm for places, people, nature and sport, Rui is a person who loves to lose himself in different areas of life and to be inspired by them. 

Staying active is very important to Rui. Sports activities or travelling and exploring new cities help him to do this. As a balance to his work, Rui enjoys taking long weekends for himself. He likes to use his holidays to get away from the routine and let new impressions fill his mind.



Rui loves sport. As soon as he gets the chance, he heads out into nature to go hiking or, if the opportunity arises, surfing. This makes him feel energised and healthy. During the week, he also tries to go to the gym to stay active. He recently discovered cooking for himself. Before, he was not very well practiced, but with his mother’s recipes at hand it now gives him great pleasure to organise parties for his loved ones. Now he can spoil them with his new cooking skills.


First and foremost, Rui is a big fan of Switzerland. He loves the country and all the extraordinary nature it has to offer. Rui owes this love of life to his curiosity, which also leads him to constantly learn about people, their cultures, history and landscapes and the architecture of their home cities. In addition, nature is an important retreat that offers a balance to everyday life through sporting activities. In his personal life, as in his work at La Prairie, Rui truly appreciates the beauty of nature.

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