Supporting artisanal smallholder communities in collaboration with the Swiss Better Gold Association


We believe that responsibility begins with the sourcing of our ingredients, and that embracing sustainable and ethical sourcing builds a strong foundation for truly luxurious products.  


Sourcing critical raw materials responsibly is a priority for La Prairie. Gold is one such ingredient and has a significant impact on both the environment and the communities that rely on gold mining for their livelihoods. By sourcing gold responsibly, La Prairie contributes to the economic growth of these communities whilst continuing to ensure that our products meet the highest standards. This commitment is reflected in our partnership with the Swiss Better Gold Association (SBG). 

SBG is a non-profit association initiated by Swiss businesses across the gold supply chain. It aims to improve the working and living conditions of artisanal and small-scale gold mining communities and facilitates the creation of responsible supply chains from their operations to the Swiss market.  

In December 2022, we launched a multi-year collaboration to expand the mission of SBG to support artisanal smallholder communities as they adopt better social, operational, and environmental practices. These communities are often located in remote areas and lack access to basic services like healthcare and education. As part of our membership and additional collaboration, we contribute to reaching more artisanal miners and helping their communities develop and thrive.  

We believe that brands have a responsibility to support sustainable practices and improve the well-being of communities impacted by their operations. By partnering with the Swiss Better Gold Association and gold refiner MKS PAMP we can work towards achieving this goal together.