Yanyan Long

Senior CRM Manager Asia & Travel Retail

Professional life

Yanyan, our Senior CRM Manager for Asia & Travel Retail in the Global CRM team, plays a crucial role in ensuring the success and localization of various programs and campaigns across different markets and retailer models. Her expertise lies in effectively rolling out and tailoring global initiatives to suit the unique needs of each market, ensuring maximum impact and engagement.

One of Yanyan's key responsibilities is the management of both 360 and local campaigns. This involves aligning customer journeys, creating targeted strategies, and generating dynamic campaigns that resonate with the target audience. She consistently supports all CRM activities by conducting weekly calls with each market, ensuring seamless coordination and collaboration. 

Working at La Prairie has allowed me to pursue my love for skincare and continuously launch exciting new products to the market, making every day an adventure as I learn new things and practice my skills to deliver my best personal performance and the best client experience.



Monitoring and reviewing performance is a vital aspect of Yanyan's role. By closely monitoring the results of campaigns, she identifies areas for improvement and devises action plans to enhance future strategies. To promote knowledge sharing and collaboration, Yanyan holds bi-monthly CRM Community meetings, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth.

Yanyan also plays a pivotal role in training and induction activities related to CRM campaigns, systems, and processes. By equipping teams with the necessary knowledge and tools, she empowers them to execute successful campaigns independently. Additionally, Yanyan extends support to the local teams in Asia by assisting them in managing campaigns through local agencies and manually consolidating results.




In her role focused on TR (Travel Retail), Yanyan spearheads client migrations to local markets, ensuring a smooth transition and adapting journeys and campaign flows to cater to the unique requirements of the travel retail sector. While collaborating with various stakeholders such as local CRM & retail teams, as well as global retail departments including product experience, education, and operations, Yanyan strives for seamless coordination and efficient execution of CRM strategies.
Yanyan enjoys lunch with colleagues at our office restaurant as she is eager to learn more about the people she works with, because she believes personal relationships lead to better work results.

"I love to step out of my comfort zone, be brave and try new things. At work I often need to push myself to discover, to learn and to constantly improve my skills. I have learned that practice makes progress and I live by that philosophy. I usually do not feel comfortable and natural at the beginning but am always thankful to myself for making the decision to try. This is the part of the journey which I like to embrace and draw my motivation from."



Sport complements Yanyan's life and brings balance. Her regular activities include badminton, golf, and training at the gym. 

Yanyan is an enthusiastic individual who excels not only at work but also in her hobbies. Many of the character traits Yanyan learned in sports also help her to succeed in her professional life. 


Yanyan's free time is filled with numerous sporting activities. She is highly motivated to try out new sports and feels fulfilled while doing them.  Her passion for badminton began at a young age when her father taught her the sport. Later in life, Yanyan discovered golf during her university days, and she is a regular client at the gym. Additionally, Yanyan takes part in dancing, pilates, and indoor cycling classes from time to time. During weekends, she enjoys spending time outdoors, going for walks or hikes. Switzerland’s picturesque landscape, specifically walks at Juckerfarm or in the forest, makes it an ideal destination for such activities. Other favourite activities of Yanyan include shopping for vegetables at her local farm and picking fresh flowers from the flower field next to her house and arranging them at home. Yanyan’s hobbies relate back to her keen eye for perfection, which she uses at work to provide La Prairie’s clients with the best experience.


At La Prairie, we are lucky to have Yanyan in our team. She is a passionate and multi-talented person in all regards of what she does. She was once told that she is very disciplined when it comes to practicing badminton, but for her, it was just something she loved to do. Her work at La Prairie is similar. She loves the adventure, where every day and every task is different, so her work never feels like a chore, but rather a passion for her.


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