Innovative Solutions


Our ambition is to be an accelerator of innovation in our field by finding and driving forward scientific and technological change. While we don’t have all of the answers today to address the challenges that are material to La Prairie, we are committed to supporting emerging solutions for a more beautiful tomorrow. 




Although our primary focus is on reducing our carbon emissions, we will compensate that which we cannot reduce by participating in credible carbon removal programmes to scale capacity and permanently remove carbon from the atmosphere. Areas in which we are currently researching including nature based solutions such as regenerative agriculture, and technological solutions such as direct air capture and storage. 


Preserving beauty means preserving biodiversity. We are collaborating with the IUCN, WWF, and the University of Vienna to protect wild sturgeon and their habitat, preserve the DNA of this threatened species, and utilize sonar technology to secure wild spawning sites.


In addition to an internal Sustainability Council including the CEO and Executive Board Members, La Prairie has established an external Sustainability Advisory Council to guide, inspire and challenge us on our strategy and to help anticipate the risks and opportunities. The council kicked-off collaboration in June 2023.