Sustainable Design

La Prairie is transforming how we operate, crafting elegant products, packaging and stores rooted in eco-design. Eco-design means that we follow sustainable principles, guidelines and best practices that minimise our impact on nature and people, while providing a unique luxury experience. We have developed eco-design guidelines for packaging and formula and will ensure that all of our products follow these by 2030.  Our new and renovated stores will follow eco-design criteria from 2026 onward.




We assess our formulas based on various criteria, from health and safety regulations, to quality and efficacy, to environmental and social risk. Weighing these factors, our experts work continuously on reformulating our portfolio to maximize sustainability without compromising the efficacy and quality of sensorial elements.


Our packaging eco-design principles focus on reducing the size and weight of packaging, using more recycled and recyclable materials and empowering consumers to reuse packaging by enabling refills. We also focus on sourcing, producing and transporting our materials and products responsibly to reduce our use of virgin raw materials and reduce our carbon footprint.


Our eco-design guidelines for retail spaces consider processes, waste, energy, water, materials, well-being and indoor air quality. We also assessed our existing design to establish a baseline from which we will seek to improve our performance. 


Our Sustainable Office Guidelines, implemented by employees globally, provide an operating manual with 10 focus areas, including paper, waste, renewable electricity and commuting. Additionally, our new headquarters in Switzerland is being constructed to achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Core and Shell platinum certification.